Empower Yourself About Menopause!

Reconsider Everything You Ever Thought You Knew About Menopause and Read This Book!

Dr. Erika Anderson is a certified specialist who knows everything about menopause and how to deal with it properly. She offers a light-hearted approach in discussing the main consequences and peculiarities of this crucial transition period in the life of every woman. The way Dr. Erika Anderson describes this crucial period will make you delighted. She uses a caring approach to show that you have things to be worried about. She discusses the most delicate cases with ease. All the facts that you are ashamed or shy to ask about are disclosed in her scientific works and her books.

This time, we should discuss a book called — “Dear Menopause, I Do Not Fear You”. It highlights such essentials as flushing, mood changes, bald spots, hormone therapy, wrinkles, and curing low self-esteem. The delicate way the author speaks up about all the complications will make you feel relaxed and safe. You will not be afraid of reading about those complications because the doctor offers her perfect solutions.

The book is very easy to read and comprehend. She took into account merely all possible women on the Earth. She understands that they all have different backgrounds. After all, scientific terminology is complicated for most people. That is why she has used a perfect lexicon, which is comprehensive for ordinary people without any knowledge of medical and scientific terminologies. This aspect adds additional bonuses to the author and turns this book into a real masterpiece!

The book contains the latest on natural therapies (including Ayurvedic treatments). She explains to her readers what works, what should be avoided, and how everything starts, runs, develops, and gets to the norm again.

The book also has a special chapter on menopause considerations for women of color. The doctor understands that women of color are not always treated with due respect in different corners of the globe. That is why her book is devoted to them as well. Her examples and explanations will surely make the life of these women easier and more convenient.

You should also know that the author combines the Western and Eastern schools of medicine. This is the powerful combination that ensures the success of your curing and taking care of your health. Dr. Erika Anderson managed to fuse the best of both schools. This is a rare opportunity that simply cannot be ignored!

You will be even laughing out loud when you read this piece. The serious issues are interpreted in a welcoming and fun manner. This is a true masterpiece every woman will enjoy. It is an incredible combination of useful literature and easy storytelling.

Dr. Erika Is An Extraordinary Woman …

”Dr. Erika Anderson is an extraordinary woman. This statement can be easily checked and confirmed if you familiarize yourself with at least one of her “creations”. Everything started, I mean her uniqueness since her time being a medical student at NYU School of Medicine. She completed an internal medicine residency at NYU Medical Center. Supported by a Bowen Brooks Research Fellowship for Advanced Studies, the doctor passed post-graduate training at the University of Oxford in England. She has the incredible practical experience, which is more significant compared to pure theory. She understands the way the female body transforms to make this process as smooth as possible. She always shows great passion for caring for women (especially women of color). Her talent is seen from afar, and it is used with witness and effectiveness”.

Anthony J. Grieco, MD, MACP
Professor of Medicine
Associate Dean, NYU

“ A Must-Read For Any Woman Who Is Ready To Take Charge And Conquer The Challenges Of Menopause”

“Menopause is inevitable, but you should be afraid of it. This is not the end of happy days. This is only a transition to a new stage of your joyful and healthy life”. — You get these feelings when you read the book. It is a step-by-step guide on how to take care of your health during this complicated period. All the challenges can be conquered thanks to this amazing book and the wits of the author.

Roshini Raj MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, NYU Langone Health
Contributing Medical Editor, Health Magazine

“[Dear Menopause] Helps Dispel Myths And Gives Ways To Transition Smoothly Into This Natural Part Of A Woman’s Life.”

Dr. Erika Anderson has highlighted a delicate issue that is commonly treated as taboo or embarrassing. Dr. Erika Anderson is an experienced specialist who has already helped thousands of women from all around the globe. She always shows compassion and guidance to her patients. As she reaches now a larger audience, women from all around the globe, as well as the medical community are very lucky. It means more women will learn true facts and the most effective solutions to possible health ailments”.

Christine Masterson, MD MHL FACOG
Chief of Women & Children’s Services
Summit Medical Group, NJ

“ …A Rare Medical Book That A Doctor Can Put In A Patient’s Hand And Say “Read This”.

Dr. Erika Anderson has found a unique, welcoming, and easy style of saying complicated things in a comprehensive manner. When you read it, you have the feeling as if you are simply asking for advice from a smart friend who knows everything. You trust every page, every claim, or example stated in the book.

The book is really pleasant to read because you understand everything and nothing confuses the mind of a reader. It’s a rarity when a doctor and scientist manages to deliver the story as if she was a professional writer with huge experience. She pleasantly surprises everyone who takes her book to read. Besides, the book teaches you a lot and this new knowledge is very useful for women aged 40+.

By drawing the final thoughts, I would add that “Dear Menopause, I Do Not Fear You” is definitely a rare medical book that a doctor can put in a patient’s hand and say, “Read this.”

Nickolas Juliano, MD FACC (Cardiology)