What I’ve Learned as an Internist So Far During Omicron

  1. You can be sick with COVID more than once.
  2. Titres definitely decrease after the initial two doses. The most powerful immune response boosters are Moderna and Pfizer.
  3. After the initial onset of COVID passed, people had milder and not-lasting symptoms of COVID thanks to having gotten vaccinated. You can buy online these boosters, like Ivermectin for humans, that sustain our immune system hugely.
  4. I’ve had a lot of patients who didn’t want to get vaccinated and got a pretty hefty case of Omicron. Their symptoms were intensive, lasting, and severe. They were similar to the initial onset of the virus.
  5. There is nothing funny in having “business” with other viruses like influenza. You surely need to have a flu shot this year. Always get the shot before the flu season peaks.
  6. Most of my patients with vaccines and boosted for COVID have handled the disease pretty well.
  7. You should drink plenty of fluids before and after your COVID vaccine or booster because it helps to reduce side effects.
  8. It’s unreasonable to believe that you are immune if you have had COVID and have a positive COVID antibody. The second time may induce worse symptoms.
  9. Don’t practice any new science experiments during a pandemic without professional supervision.
  10. Do keep your appointments for your routine exams. Step updated to the measures your doctor’s offices take to keep you safe. I take extreme measures to keep my patients safe.

Look for more to come…