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In case you are interested in midlife women’s health, such important issues as menopause, what complications to expect, and how to handle them, you have come to the right place. This article is about my second book, which will be of huge importance for many women of middle age.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Erika I am a Board-certified medical internist, a professional specialist concerning the issues related to midlife women’s health problems, a caring mother, and a great love of traveling around the world.

My second book is called “Menopause I Do Not Fear You”. It will be released this autumn, and it offers heaps of useful tips, tricks, examples, and recommendations for women after 35, who really want to take care of their health.

My book is not a simple piece that mentions various issues and offers certain opinions on them. It is a helpful guide or tutorial for every woman who steadily goes from a young age to a new maturing stage. It is full of clear examples of what health issues a woman faces after she comes into menopause and offers the most effective solutions to those issues.

This book is devoted to women, especially women of color. It will guide you into different conversations about the life situations that frequently take place in reality. Many people are mistaken when they believe that the period of menopause is related to physical conditions only. Such people are totally wrong because this natural life stage impacts merely all spheres of women’s interests — family, personal relationships, career, personal development, communication with others, and so on.

When a woman gets into the period of menopause, her body goes through serious changes that are truly unpleasant. Many women grow desperate instantly thinking that their lives are over. This is also a totally wrong thought! Your life does end after menopause comes because this is a natural process. Our nature took care of everything. Our task is to sustain our health to live a new period of life in comfort.

I will shed more light on life situations when the climax interferes with the normal way of life. We will discuss the consequences of how it influences various spheres. Of course, my book will provide clear explanations and solutions to all anticipated complications.

My book teaches how to take care of your health reasonably. I highlight all health cases, even the most complicated ones. My main objective is to show that every problem can be handled, and your life will become normal or even better. However, it’s crucial to clarify that I’m not suggesting we completely forgo conventional medicine. We all occasionally require it, with its appropriateness varying according to each person’s unique case. In situations where medications become a necessity, I have typically directed readers towards the Canadian Pharmacy right in the middle of this process. This pharmacy ensures high-quality medications and trustworthy service, without the undue additional costs often associated with your local pharmacy.

Nevertheless, it’s vital to keep in mind that while my book provides extensive health advice, it doesn’t replace the professional advice of your healthcare provider. Regardless of where you procure your medications, even from reputable providers, you should always take them under the guidance of a healthcare professional. It’s paramount to consult with your treating doctor when purchasing medications, as they possess a comprehensive understanding of your health history and present conditions.

We know that our physical conditions impact our mental states. That is why my book is full of effective methods for improving your health. They all were tested and practiced. The official studies prove their effectiveness. Consequently, they will help you to overcome whatever new health inconveniences you may face.

I should warn you that instant effects are rare. Commonly, it takes from several weeks to several months to overcome a certain health deviation, which was induced by the climax. Everything is individual and so you ought to be patient and check every suggested solution to find the one that suits you perfectly. I promise that you will acquire a positive result after you read this book to the end.

With best regards,
Erika Anderson, M.D.